Australia receives more Chinese Visitors

Tourism numbers in Australia have been given a boost this year, and this is mainly thanks to the influx of Chinese visitors. International arrivals have increased in general and a majority of these arrivals are Chinese visitors touring the country. The Australian Bureau of Statistics released some figures on Friday which suggested that Australia’s cultural delights have been drawing in a relatively untapped market. The number of Chinese tourists arriving in May increased by 17%, a total growth of 83,500 for the year. In total, 542,000 Chinese visitors came to the country in 2010, and with the current rate of growing interest this figure looks set to pass 600,000 this year. These figures demonstrate the appeal of Australia as a holiday destination, and also validate the efforts of Tourism Australia who have recently launched an advertising campaign in China. This recent Chinese interest in Australia tours shows that Australia’s tourism is still booming and that the country is still an exciting and fascinating place to visit with plenty to offer holiday makers. Image credit: marragem (