Australian Travel Site Highlights New Zealand Wildlife

There is some fantastic wildlife in New Zealand, yet few people seem to be aware of that fact, instead focussing on the (admittedly amazing) landscapes that the country offers. However, an Australian travel site recently drew attention to some of New Zealand’s non-human inhabitants, giving visitors the chance to spot them on their own New Zealand tours. In the ocean around the islands you’ll find Hector’s dolphin, which is the smallest sea dolphin and has a strangely curved dorsal fin. There is also the kea, a mountain parrot that you may have heard of due to its love of peeling plastic off cars. One of the most bizarre creatures on the islands is the tuatara, a reptile that, although it has many characteristics which we know as belonging to lizards, is actually a distinct group not directly related to the lizards we find in the rest of the world. Behaviour-wise, the yellow-eyed penguin is one of the most curious birds you’ll find, known for trekking up hills and refusing to build a nest within sight of another penguin’s. Rounding off the list of creatures that the list recommends seeing on your tour of the country is, of course, the kiwi. Image Credit: Sarah M Stewart (