Avatar 2 to be produced in New Zealand

New Zealand is often thought to be a movie-maker’s paradise thanks to the success of high profile films such as The Hobbit and The Last Samurai, and this trend looks set to continue as James Cameron has voiced a desire to film his Avatar sequel there. Cameron has a deep fascination with the country, particularly with its enchanting landscape which can rival Pandora, the mythical world in the Avatar movie. The director has even gone so far as to buy 2,500 acres of land around Lake Pounui, an area of such outstanding beauty that it could easily inspire any number of film producers. Avatar 2 is planned to be produced in Wellington, adding to the list of popular movies that have and will be produced there, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit which will be out later this year. New Zealand is an inspiring destination to visit, and many of the world’s finest film producers have already recognised this. We offer New Zealand tours so that visitors to the country can experience it for themselves, first-hand. Image credit: p-a-t-r-i-c-k (flickr.com)