Belgium good for both Food and Exercise

Belgium has triumphed in a list of holiday food hotspots after being named a destination with lots of delicious offerings that holidaymakers have found do not tend to result in large holiday weight gain. The European country is well known for many food items that, whilst being incredibly delicious, are also thought to be unhealthy. This includes chocolate, waffles and chips, favourite foods of locals and tourists alike. In a list of destinations that often resulted in weight gain and weight loss, Belgium found itself in a fairly middle position, indicating no large fluctuations of weight whilst staying in the country. Most of this is thought to be down to a balance of eating delicious, high quality Belgian food whilst walking or cycling around its beautiful cities, particularly Bruges which is covered with lovely canals to walk alongside. The food and scenery of Belgium make it an excellent stop on river cruises in Europe, a great way to see some of the most beautiful parts of the continent. Image credit: ralph and jenny (