Christchurch Interactive Map Launched

Navigating around a new city whilst on holiday can often be difficult, particularly when out of date guidebooks lead visitors astray. The city of Christchurch in New Zealand has decided to help tourists navigate around the city more easily by launching an interactive map. Earlier this month, Christchurch City Council launched the Explore Christchurch map. This map allows users to check out up-to-date information on what there is to see, eat and do in the area, whether looking for accommodation, a quick bite to eat close by or great local entertainment. The map is accessible online and also as a smartphone application, making it ideal for people who are on the move exploring the city. Details will frequently be updated as and when changes or new events occur so it is a very useful app for those visiting Christchurch. This new development is great for anyone visiting the city, particularly those on New Zealand tours who can now make the most of the city in a limited space of time. Image credit: Miguel A. Monjas (