Croatia Holidays Praised in UK Newspaper

Rachel Jones, writing for The News, has heaped praise upon the Slavonia and Baranja regions of Croatia, describing in detail what a visit to the region can offer and some of the highlights on a trip there. She pays particular attention to the towns of Vukovar and Ilok, both of which make up stops on some of our river cruises in Europe. The history of Vukocar is on display for all to see, and the city became infamous during the Croatian War of Independence. Since then, however, enormous steps have been taking to develop the town, and it is a wonderful place for visitors to learn about its history and experience Croatia. Ilok has a similar past, but again, the region has been rebuilt and revamped. If you want to discover the wonders that Croatia and its neighbours on the Danube have, then take a look at our available cruises and enjoy a tour through the country in luxury and comfort. Image Credit: Espino Family