Future Christchurch Centre Revealed

Christchurch will have an entirely different type of city centre in the future, as the plans revealed by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority show an area with large green spaces, lower buildings, one that is more pedestrian focussed and features designs that bring out the charm of the river. A new performing arts area will find itself at home in the city centre, along with a large sports complex including swimming pools and courts. There’s even a 35,000 seat stadium in the works. It all means that Christchurch will soon be an even more attractive destination and should be one of the world’s premiere green cities. If you want to discover the country for yourself, our New Zealand tours show you the best of what it has to offer whilst allowing you to relax in luxury. If you have been looking to explore Christchurch or anywhere else, you can also extend your trip to the country. Image Credit: edwin.11 (flickr.com)