Germany is a Top Holiday Destination

Recent figures have revealed that Germany is one of the world’s top holiday destinations. According to the World Tourism Organisation Germany received 28.4 million international arrivals in 2011, making it the 8th most popular country to visit. Travel and tourism play an important part in Germany’s economy, accounting for 4.6% of the country’s GDP in both direct and indirect ways. These figures confirm the European country as a fantastic holiday destination and it looks set to draw in large numbers of tourists for many years yet. With all that Germany has to offer it comes as no surprise that it is very popular. Visitors flock to intriguing cultural centres such as Cologne and Dusseldorf, and Germany is also home to the river Rhine, one of the greatest waterways in Europe. Our river cruises in Europe take you along this magnificent river and stop at these cities too, whilst also allowing you to visit other great European cities. Taking in all these sights on board a luxury ship makes for a holiday to remember. Image credit: D-Kuru (