Germany Protects Historic Rhine Riverside

An Australian journalist writing for the Victoria-based newspaper Times Colonist has praised the care that has been taken to ensure the Rhine’s banks maintain a beautiful, historic view, untouched by modern developments. Whilst travelling down the river on a sightseeing cruise, he admired the castles, churches, historic towns and walls that still exist and have done for centuries. As each peaks out from a new hill or is revealed as you round the river’s bends, you get a real sense of the history of the place, enough to stir the soul of anybody. The landscape is fascinating too, with some sections of the Rhine taking anybody on river cruises in Europe past impressive cliffs of striking rock, one of the most famous of which is undoubtedly the Lorelei. Our cruises will lead you past all this and more, allowing you to discover some of the great river trips in Europe. Image Credit: acme (