Growing interest in Europe river cruises

According to The New York Times there has been growing interest in taking European river cruises after observing that there are an increasing number of ships being launched onto the rivers in Europe. The New York Times suggests that one of the reasons behind the popularity of European river cruises is due to the small size of the ships; the ships can dock at smaller docks along the river instead of big city ports which would require an extra bus ride to get to amenities and attractions. It is these stops along the way that make river cruises so appealing according to the journalist; miles and miles of water are lined by beautiful landscapes and settlements with plenty of history and character. The waterways of Europe have historically played a huge part in people’s lives and this rising interest in Europe’s rivers reflects a growing number of holidaymakers who enjoy cultural experiences as much as relaxing ones. Our river cruises provide both a cultural and relaxing experience, so if you consider yourself to be one of this growing number of tourists let us take you on one of our luxury cruises which combine culture with comfort. Image credit: (