Maori Tourism Businesses on the Rise

Visitors to New Zealand can expect to find more ways of exploring the traditional Maori culture than they could just a few years ago, and that trend looks set to increase according to Tourism New Zealand. The new experiences on offer are much more interactive too. Previously, watching native dances or displays or meeting with members of Maori communities in traditional Maori meeting houses were the main ways of engaging with Maori culture during a trip. Now, however, ways of getting the visitors more involved are also available, including hiking, white water rafting and getting stuck in with the art and culture. Storytelling about the nearby landscape during these tours is also popular, opening up discussions of local myths and legends. It’s another great way that visitors can engage with the culture and history of these wonderful islands during their New Zealand tours, and getting more involved with a country during your holiday is a great way to improve your trip and make it all the more memorable. Image Credit: einalem (