Margaret River declared No Coalmining Zone

The Margaret River tourist region in Australia will be retaining its beautiful scenery after the government declared it a “no coalmining zone”. Margaret River is an area of fantastic scenic beauty and is also one of Australia’s most prolific wine growing regions. The government made this decision after the Environmental Protection Authority advised against coalmining in the area because it posed environmental risks that were too great. Individual coal mining proposals have been turned down earlier this year and following this the government has ruled, based on a scientific basis, that the whole area should be free of coalmining. This news comes as a relief to the wine growers of the region who will be able to continue making Margaret River one of the prime tourist spots in Australia. Margaret River is just one of the beautiful parts of the country that you can see on one of our escorted Australia tours, which show you the best that Australia has to offer. Image credit: robertpaulyoung (