Netherlands Councillors Promote their Good Weather

The Netherlands have had some lovely weather recently in some of the more popular holiday regions, but, according to councillors in some areas, that fact hasn’t been accurately reported by weather forecasters. Despite the sun shining down on certain regions, television and newspaper forecasts show rain clouds covering them just because one small part of the region is receiving rain. There is even talk of punishing those forecasters that do give inaccurate coverage with fines, though some believe this approach might just lead to businesses playing it safe and just removing their weather sections. If you want to enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands which is guaranteed to be excellent come rain or shine, then our river cruises in Europe can provide just that. Not only do you have off-ship excursions to take in the local culture at each stop, but you’ll find that there is a lot to do on board each ship as well. Image Credit: Design and Photography (