New exhibitions added to the Sydney Aquarium

If you are going to be experiencing one of our wonderful Australia tours in the near future you find even more attractions to enjoy whilst stopping off in the fabulous city of Sydney. Sydney’s aquarium is already extremely popular with visitors to the city and has now added two more exhibits as part of a $10 million refurbishment. The new exhibits are called Mangroves and Shipwreck and are both expected to thrill visitors with two very new and unique underwater environments. Mangroves will be chance for visitors to the Sydney Aquarium to see everything from barramundi to the prehistoric lungfish in an area that will replicate Australia’s northern swamps. The second exhibit, Shipwreck, will feature many creatures from Australia’s surrounding waters, expect to see octopus, sea dragons, and moray eels in a shipwrecked scenario. The exhibitions are now open and are definitely not to be missed when making an excursion to Sydney anytime of the year. Image credit: InSapphoWeTrust