New South Wales Launches New Advertising Campaign

New South Wales is a wonderful part of Australia with a huge amount of things to see and do. This is exactly what Tourism New South Wales want people to realise through their new advertising campaign by putting augmented reality screens in public places such as shopping centres. The screens work by allowing users to stand in the designated area and look at the screen, on which they can see some of the rare or interesting animals that can be found in New South Wales walking up to them and interacting with them. Whales, pelicans, dolphins and kangaroos can all be found wandering up to those trying out the new systems. If you want to visit Australia yourself, including New South Wales, home to the famous city of Sydney, then our Australia tours are the perfect way to do so. Not only will you visit New South Wales, but plenty of other Australia highlights. Image Credit: Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It. World Tour (