New Zealand Newspaper Praises “Magical” Rhine

We’re already aware of just how superb the Rhine is and what it offers holidaymakers – that’s why we offer our luxury European river cruises along it – but it’s always good to hear praise coming from other quarters. The recent article in the New Zealand Herald, which calls the Rhine “magical” and claims that cruises along the river are one of the highlights of a trip to Europe, reinforces the river’s status as a top destination. The comments come from two Lonely Planet writers, people with plenty of experience visiting all sorts of destinations who can provide fair and accurate information to readers. They made particular note of the scenery between Koblenz and Mainz in Germany, full of mountains, vineyards and medieval castles. The writers went on to talk about the Danube and the great variety that can be found along this river, which our tours also allow you to experience. Image Credit: roger 4336 (