New Zealand Tourism Receives Renewed Attention

There have been a series of discussions in New Zealand, both among businesses and government bodies, to figure out the best way to promote the country as a holiday destination to those living abroad. Currently, Tourism New Zealand are continuing with their 100% Pure campaign, a marketing brand that they’ve been building since 1999 and believe works very well. However, there are calls to reassess the campaign and see if improvements can be made. Regardless of what techniques Tourism New Zealand and others use in future to advertise New Zealand tours, the country is undeniably beautiful, with some of the world’s best natural scenery and plenty of different environments packed onto the two islands. Take a look at our available tours and find out exactly what you can discover in this wonderful part of the world, all whilst enjoying the utmost in comfort and luxury that all of our trips provide. Image Credit: tony_the_bald_eagle (