Queenstown Mountains get Artificial Snowfall

The landscape of New Zealand is well known for being peppered with snow-topped mountains, and although the current good weather has meant that there is not much snowfall, the Queenstown ski fields will still be covered in white. James Coddington, the boss of New Zealand Ski has started creating snow in efforts to keep the New Zealand landscape as beautiful as ever. The process of snow making will utilise snow guns that will start shooting water across the landscape when temperatures reach -2, resulting in artificial snow fall. This temporary method will only last for a couple of weeks as signs of El Nino forming in the Pacific will bring more wintry conditions to the slopes of Queenstown, restoring the New Zealand mountains to their magnificent snow-capped appearance. The scenery of New Zealand is just one of the reasons to visit the country; the culture, food and history are also part of the wonderful travel experiences available by taking New Zealand tours. Image credit: evanforester (flickr.com)