Romania makes plans for eco-tourism

Romania is gaining the attention of eco-tourists everywhere as ministry officials plan to make the Romanian wetlands an area for sustainable tourism. According to Cristian Barhalescu, State Secretary for the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism of Romania, among tourists there is a trend “towards destinations that offer wildlife and heritage”. Romania has many wetland areas designated as important by the Ramsar Convention, a group who aim to sustainably develop wetland areas that are rich in wildlife. It is estimated that half of all tourists visit wetland areas, so the decision by Romanian officials to make their wetland areas sustainable is sure to not only preserve their beautiful eco-system but also encourage tourists to visit these areas. The Danube Delta is one of the areas that will benefit from future plans for sustainable tourism, a magnificent wetland area that is home to one of the world’s greatest waterways. We have river cruises in Europe that take you on a luxurious journey through some of these beautiful wetlands along the Danube, so why not take a look? Image credit: anka @ happyhangaround (