Snow Settles in Over Southern New Zealand

We might be wondering why the summer months seem so wet and windy here in the UK, but in New Zealand, they’re greeting the first big snowfalls of winter. New Zealand tours allow you to see the whole country, from top to tail, and so when one of the seasons really settles in to a region it can add another great dimension to a holiday in the country. Some of the highest points receive as much as 35cm of snow in one night, and that’s not particularly heavy snowfall. A spectacular video of a train clearing the tracks went viral on the internet, gathering over 920,000 on YouTube in the three weeks since it was uploaded as people watched it almost disappear at points beneath the torrent of snow. The weather in New Zealand is well-known for being changeable in certain seasons, with visitors sometimes able to experience the famous “four seasons in a day”. However, this just adds to the natural beauty of this island, creating a holiday that is never the same twice. Image Credit: AllWays Rental NZ (