Tourists urged to ‘Make the most of’ Sydney

Destination NSW (New South Wales) has launched a new tourism campaign to encourage visitors to make the most out of time in Sydney. The scheme is entitled ‘Make the most of every second in Sydney just like a local’. The campaign follows on from the ‘Love Every Second’ winter campaign which aimed to get visitors out of the CBD of Sydney and into the more hidden cultural spots known best by local residents. Sydney harbour, the iconic opera house and the Royal Botanic Gardens are all favourite tourist spots and rightly so, they are, after all, iconic. However, the campaign seeks to remind visitors that these places are great to visit but also that there are other great experiences to have in lesser known areas such as Chinatown and Haymarket. Sydney has a wealth of great experiences to have and the ‘Make the most of’ campaign hopes to show that this is true wherever you go in Sydney. The same can be said for the country; wherever you go on Australia tours there will fantastic experiences both on the streets and off the beaten track. Image credit: xiquinhosilva (