Tram recommended for seeing Melbourne

Melbourne has the largest urban tram network in the world and it has recently been revealed as one of the best ways for tourists to see the city. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and a cultural centre full of things to do, so a good transport network bodes well for tourism in the city. The track is 250km long and boasts over 2000 tram stops, making it a great way to get around the city. The City Circle line is a free service that takes travellers all around the CBD which is perfect for tourists who want to explore city centres without paying a fortune to travel long distances. Melbourne has a big café culture and the tram stops at some real café hotspots, popular sites for visitors to the area. Route 96 takes passengers down the esplanade to the beaches of Melbourne and is a fascinating route according to a local tram driver interviewed by the BBC, definitely worth a ride if you are visiting the city. For a real Australian cultural experience, Melbourne is an essential place to explore and our Australia tours offer the opportunity to do just that. Image credit: Sarah M Stewart (