Uluru Could Host Miles Wide Art Display

If Bruce Munro gets approval, the land around Uluru, also known as Ayer’s Rock, could become home to an enormous sustainable art display that visitors will be able to appreciate every night between April and October in 2013. The artist plans to place 250,000 solar powered, coloured, fibre optic lights supported on stems in clusters in a two mile radius around Uluru. This will give the appearance of a huge meadow of glowing flowers thriving in Australia’s hot, dry Red Centre. Our Australia tours allow you to experience all the highlights of the rock itself and the national park that surrounds it, and this art installation will be a brilliant addition to this already impressive location. As we have sunset and sunrise activities for you to enjoy, you’ll be able to see it at its best, all whilst spending your holiday in total comfort with the luxury accommodation and travel we have arranged. Image Credit: bunnicula (flickr.com)