Vienna celebrates Gustav Klimt’s birthday

The city of Vienna is one of the cultural capitals of Europe and has been home to many landmark figures in the worlds of art, music and literature. One such legendary Austrian native was Gustav Klimt, the Symbolist painter whose 150th birthday is being celebrated across the city this year. To mark the occasion, the artist’s life and works are currently being celebrated even more enthusiastically than is usually the case, with some of his famous pieces such as The Kiss proudly adorning buildings, trams and more throughout the vibrant metropolis. A special musical has even been produced dedicated to Klimt, which will be performed in the Austrian capital’s Kunstlerhaus venue between the 1st September and 7th October this year. With our luxury river cruises in Europe, you will be able to explore not just Vienna but also a host of other fantastic destinations, including Prague, Budapest and Amsterdam. Image credit: D Flam (