Vienna Opera House sees record profits

Vienna has centuries of thriving culture behind it, and that’s one of the reasons people visit the city year after year. Being amongst the canals and the famous landmarks, including the Imperial Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral and the Belvedere Palace, makes up a wonderful stop during our European river cruises. A recent announcement from the State Opera house highlights this aspect of the city, with the venue announcing record profits for the latest season, bringing in over €31.3 million. The average attendance for performances was over 98%, and over 588,990 attendances were recorded at the 360 operas and ballets which were performed. This is wonderful news for those interested in Vienna’s rich musical heritage, and ensures that there will still be many ways to enjoy this city’s glorious cultural landscape for many years to come. To visit Vienna yourself, enjoying impeccable luxury whilst you do, our cruises are perfect. Image Credit: infraredhorsebit