Walkway along Danube to honour Japanese poet

A walkway along the Danube is to be unveiled in German town Donaueschingen, to honour a Japanese poet. The walkway is to honour Mokichi Saito, from Kaaminoyam, who died in 1953, as he is said to have travelled along the stretch of the river in 1924. The German city of Donaueschingen is known as the source of the Danube, as it lies in the Baar basin and the two tributaries, Breg and Brigach, join to feed the river. There is a strong bond between Mokichi Saito and the Danube, as when he was studying in Europe, between 1922 and 1924, the river reminded him of the Magami River in Yamagata, so he set off to find the source and wrote an essay on his trip. If you would like to see the wonderful sites of the Danube, take a look at our wonderful range of European river cruises, such as the ‘Gems of the Danube River Cruise’. Image credit: Tekniska museet