Wellington gaining popularity with Tourists

New Zealand is home to some fantastic culture and history, making it a favourite holiday destination with travellers all across the world. It has been revealed that the city of Wellington is becoming an increasingly popular place to visit when exploring New Zealand, after a rise in tourist numbers and spending was recorded. Figures from 2011 have noted a 7% increase in tourist numbers and an 8% increase in tourist spending, reaching figures of 4.5 million and $1.4 billion respectively. Tourism chiefs put these successes down to the vibrant cultural experiences that Wellington offers visitors, including the huge variety of festivals and sporting events that happen each year in the city. Travellers enjoying New Zealand tours will undoubtedly be stopping at Wellington for a taste of New Zealand city life, but there is plenty more to discover in the country. From sailing in the beautiful coastal waters to exploring glow worm caves, our escorted tours take visitors on an exciting journey across the country. Image credit: PhillipC (flickr.com)