American Journalist Praises Rhine’s Castles

The German landscapes that you’ll find along the banks of the Rhine are wonderful, with thick forests, pretty little towns and fantastic fairytale-esque castles all available for anybody visiting. One American journalist, writing for an Atlanta newspaper, recently praised the country for exactly these features, claiming it didn’t get enough attention when people thought of European holidays. It’s true that many will consider the beaches of the Mediterranean or one of Europe’s great cities when imagining a holiday, but European river cruises can offer you so much more when it comes to travelling through the continent. On our cruises, not only do you get to see sights like the castles that enthral visitors each year, but you can also travel through multiple countries, visiting a range of European capitals including Amsterdam, Vienna and Budapest. Although it was the German section of the Rhine that won this reporter over, the rest of the river offers just as much to visitors. Image Credit: Daxis (