Amsterdam freshening up for 2013

Visitors to Amsterdam are in for a treat soon as the completion of several ambitious projects in the city is drawing closer. The capital of the Netherlands is undergoing a great deal of development in its rich cultural sector, with most scheduled to finish early 2013. This month the curator of Rijksmuseum was finally given back the keys to the museum, and after the fantastic artwork is moved back in, the much-improved museum will reopen its doors to the art world. In September this year the Van Gogh museum will close for a few months for some major improvements and will reopen with some fascinating new exhibitions for its 40th birthday. 2013 will also be the year that Amsterdam’s beautiful canals celebrate their 400th birthday, and to mark such a milestone there will be lots of events going on all through next year, including concerts, catwalks and swimming. With all this going on, visiting Amsterdam in 2013 looks certain to provide a fantastic and memorable holiday. Our European river cruises can take you to Amsterdam along with other great European cities, so let us take you on a holiday to remember in 2013. Image credit: Minke Wagenaar (