Antwerp Praised in List of Best Olympic Host Cities

Of the cities that have hosted the Olympics, there are so many great destinations to head to that you’re spoilt for choice when choosing between them. Thankfully, the website VirtualTourist has compiled a list of what its staff believe to be the best, and anybody setting off on one of our European river cruises in the near future will be pleased to hear that Antwerp made the top three. The Belgian city hosted the Olympics back in 1920, the first Olympics since the end of the First World War and during a time when its effects were still keenly felt throughout Europe. However, the city has become a cultural powerhouse since then. With a trip to the city available on some of our cruises, you can experience Antwerp for yourself, including its amazing fashion stores and galleries. The architecture you’ll see is incredible and, as the world’s diamond capital, you’re sure to find some exquisite jewellery on display. Image Credit: girolame (