Australia adds its 14th National Landscape

Australia has some absolutely beautiful landscapes across its length and breadth, and the best of them are recognised by the official National Landscapes program, which aims to list and protect the best nature in the country. A fourteenth area has just been added to National Landscapes list: the Wet Tropics. Found in Queensland, the Wet Tropics are almost 3,000 square kilometres of stunning topical forests, full of lush plant growth and colourful flowers. They’re also home to the highest waterfall in Australia, Wallaman Falls, as well as some endangered and threatened animal species, many of which reside only in the Wet Tropics. The National Landscapes program aims to showcase the best of the country and already features the Red Centre, the Great Barrier Reef and Kangaroo Island, amongst others. The addition of the Wet Tropics goes to show just what a wonderful area they are, and you can visit them on one of our Australia tours. Image Credit: Tatters:) (