Australia sees rise in work visa applications

Australia is a fantastic country to visit on holiday, and recent figures have shown that people are prolonging their time in the country by applying for working holiday visas. The Department for Immigration and Citizenship has seen a 7% increase in the number of working holiday visa applications since June 2011. Applications for second working holiday visas, which allow visitors to extend their stay by one more year, also saw an increase of 28.5% Last year, 35,700 first working holiday visas were issued to UK residents as well as 6,012 second working holiday visas, which shows just how popular the country is with Britons. It seems that this increase coincides with the drop in university applications noted by UCAS, suggesting that young people who want a gap year choose to work in Australia as they can earn money and have a fantastic and exciting holiday at the same time. Those who can afford to visit the country on luxury Australia tours are even more well positioned to make the most of their time in the country, seeing all the best parts of the country on a relaxing and invigorating holiday. Image credit: Adam.J.W.C.