Australian Hot Air Balloon Rides Lauded

Australia is very large and, for the most part, very flat, which means that balloon rides can give absolutely amazing views across huge swathes of land. Anybody who has experienced one can attest to just how impressive and awe-inspiring they are, and so it’s little wonder that an Australian news agency has recently highlighted their appeal. NewsComAu explained that balloon rides are the perfect way to view the landscape, relying on the wind to move you and leaving you free to enjoy the landscape with an almost unobscured view, unlike an aeroplane or helicopter. You also don’t have the constant buzzing of an engine. If you head out on one of our Australia tours, you can enjoy a balloon ride of your own over the Atherton Tablelands, a lush and fertile plateau that really shows off Australia’s green side. This is just one of the experiences we offer, and there are plenty more throughout the trip for you to take advantage off. Image Credit: dfbphotos (