Bucharest Celebrates Salad with World Record Attempt

To celebrate this and bring the region some extra attention, a town near Bucharest is attempting to break the world record for the world’s largest vegetarian salad. The salad will be made in a huge bowl measuring eighteen metres long, and will consist of four tonnes of tomatoes, four tonnes of lettuce, four tonnes of cucumber, two tonnes of peppers, two tonnes of carrots, two tonnes of onions, four-hundred kilograms of olives, four-hundred kilograms of salt and eight-hundred litres of olive oil. It’s a mammoth undertaking, and the resulting salad will be sent to centres for the needy around the country. If you want to explore Romania’s salads and other delicious, rustic foods on your holiday, our Danube river cruises are the perfect way to do so as you travel along the Romanian-Bulgarian border and can enjoy a day trip to Bucharest itself. Image Credit: *** Fanch The System !!! ***