Cafe in Te Anua wins People’s Choice Awards

For many onboard their New Zealand tours, there is surely no place more beautiful that Te Anua. Nestled into the southern tip of the south island, it plays host to mile after mile of simply breathtaking landscapes as well as being the perfect place to spot much of the island’s wildlife. The area is also well known for its undeniable good taste in foods, boasting a fine array of eateries which serve cuisines from all over the world. One such establishment is the Redcliff Cafe in Te Anua, the winner of the Southland People’s Choice Award for the sumptuous meals it offers. Having already been run in 16 different regions across the country recently, customers who ordered a lamb or beef main meal were asked in a number of different restaurants within the Southland boundary to rate it on quality. With many tours stopping off for a night in the Southland, it gives visitors the perfect chance to discover the local cuisine. If you are looking forward to a visit in the near future, why not come along to the Redcliff Cafe and taste its award winning foods? Image credit: Quiltsalad