Croatia Tourism gets Investment Boost

The investment of 2.5 to 3 billion kuna (£2.6 million to £3.1 million) will begin in 2013, and should see some large scale projects take place in some of Croatia’s more popular holiday hot spots. There are also likely to be funds set aside for improvements to existing facilities, raising the quality that people can expect from a trip to the country. Croatia has cities full of culture and history that is fascinating to learn about, and just outside them you’ll find beautiful countryside. Additional investment can only be a good thing for the country and should help highlight the things that keep bringing people back again and again. If you want to discover the best that Croatia has to offer for yourself, our European river cruises allow you a number of options to explore Vukovar, a town that sits on two rivers. You can also see the countryside first hand as you gently drift past it on our luxury ship. Image Credit: njaminjami (