Daily Mail Highlights our European Cruises

In an article titled “Messing about on the world’s greatest rivers... from the Nile to the Mississippi”, the newspaper featured our excellent Gems of the Danube tour, mentioning the new sun lounges, open bar service and butler service that all passengers will be able to take advantage of. The piece also lets readers know about the activities they can get up to on one of our European river cruises, with a whole wealth of cultural, gastronomic and educational outings available, providing everybody on our cruises with something they’ll be interested in. You can already book your 2013 cruise with us, and there are some wonderful destinations to visit as part of your tour. We’re constantly working to make each of our trips even better as well, so you can always come back to us knowing that we will offer something new and exciting. Image Credit: Ana Paula Hirama (flickr.com)