Dunedin in New Zealand Proves Popular All Year Round

There are plenty of great places to visit during your New Zealand tours, and the city of Dunedin is proving itself to be one of them by beating the winter holiday slowdown thanks to its Curious and Beautiful campaign. The city often suffers a slowdown of holiday bookings during New Zealand’s winter months, but by promoting the city’s events and heritage, that has been combated this year. The city was founded by Scottish immigrants, and the castle and gardens there are wonderful, perfect for spending a day exploring, which is exactly what our Scenic Experience offers you the chance to do. Or you could choose to take a trip to see the yellow-eyed penguins or the Albatross Centre, both of which introduce you to New Zealand’s beautiful and abundant wildlife. There’s also a guided tour of the historic Speight’s Brewery available. With the city capturing the attention of holidaymakers all year round, don’t you think it’s time you visited for yourself on a tour of New Zealand? Image Credit: Ianz (flickr.com)