European River Cruises Win Over American Writer

The scenery was one of the best bits for the writer, who found the steep hills covered in vineyards and the medieval castles that were scattered along the banks utterly charming. However, it wasn’t just the views and the destinations they stopped at which won her over, but also the chance to share your holiday with a group of people in a wonderful setting. River cruise ships are, by necessity, smaller than their ocean going cousins, but this makes it easier to meet people and creates a much more comfortable atmosphere. Meeting new people was one of the real benefits of a river cruise for Anne, and the cruise means that you’ll be travelling with the same group of people for the length of your holiday. With our river cruises in Europe allowing you to see some of the most beautiful stretches of the continent whilst enjoying a trip on our luxury boats, you too can fall in love with Europe’s waterways. Image Credit: roger4336 (