Explore Australian Attractions before your Trip

The museum will offer remote tours to people who can’t reach the buildings themselves, with robotic camera systems letting them explore the exhibits themselves. Initially, the robots will be booked out by schools around Australia, allowing their students to experience the museum without needing to travel to it. Hospitals and care homes are next on the list, but it’s hoped that the machines could soon become bookable by members of the public, allowing anybody to make use of these facilities. Of course, whilst this is an exciting possibility, it can’t match the feeling of visiting a place for yourself, and there is so much more to Australia tours than museums and galleries. You won’t find a way to remotely view Uluru, or enjoy a delicious meal as the sun sets across the Australian outback. For that, you should book a tour with us and discover everything this amazing country has to offer. Image Credit: Masao. M (flickr.com)