Irish Newspaper Praises Ghent as Holiday Destination

Belgium has a number of great cities to visit, and an Irish newspaper, the Belfast Telegraph, has just run an article calling for people to pay attention to one of the country’s lesser-known gems. The city of Ghent, found between the famous destinations of Bruges and Brussels, is sometimes overlooked by holidaymakers, but Roger St Pierre, the journalist behind the piece, wants that to change. With some incredible architecture, a wealth of cultural attractions and a bustling night life, the city certainly has a lot to offer anybody staying there. In some ways it’s similar to Bruges, with beautiful cobbled streets and an ancient castle at its centre. It also has sprawling streets and canals that frequently cross each other and make the city a pleasure to explore. We offer river cruises in Europe that will take you to this historic city, giving you a chance to discover it for yourself as part of a luxury cruise across the continent. Image Credit: Moyogo (