More Flights to Australia Announced

With Australia always becoming more popular with holiday makers, there is plenty of demand for more flights to the country. Some issues can arise with change over flights, particularly if they’re with different airlines, but news like this helps to alleviate any problems that might arise. Nobody likes waiting for their next departure, wondering what they can do in the mean time and being stuck in an airport, but with more flights being sent out each week by the United Arab Emirates airline ETIHAD, anybody travelling through Abu Dhabi on their way down under won’t need to worry. Travelling to and from the country, of course, isn’t the best part of Australia tours, and whichever way you get to the country, we’re sure you’ll have a great time during your stay here. Our tours allow you to see the best parts of Australia whilst relaxing in utmost luxury for your entire holiday. Image Credit: *Crazy Diamond* (