NBC Announces Best European Waterways

The American broadcasting company NBC have put a guide up on their website detailing what they believe to be the best waterways in Europe, and we offer cruises on plenty of them. They start off with the Danube, in particular the Austrian section, describing the vineyards and monasteries that are scattered along the beautiful banks. The German stretch of the Rhine is also praised for its castles, Alpine views and history. With so many castles and historic towns along its banks, you can enjoy a journey back in time whilst cruising along this river. France also did well, with its scenic views and classic destinations drawing praise from the writers. If you want to experience any of these river cruises in Europe for yourself, you can do so in the most comfortable and luxurious way possible by booking with us. Our ships and crew make your stay a treat, and we visit all the best destinations. Image Credit: Ulf Liljankoski (flickr.com)