Netherlands Tourism Boosted by Annual Bloom

The Netherlands, especially Holland, has a long association with flowers, and the country is famous for the garden plants and flowers which have been bred there. Throughout the world, you’ll find examples of species that were either created or refined in the Netherlands and people still visit the country to appreciate the lovely gardens there. As we’re entering the period when most of the gardens are reaching their best, it’s no surprise that visitor numbers to the country are increasing. With so many wonderful gardens to visit, especially in places like Amsterdam, the Netherlands is a truly great place for any lovers of plants or green spaces. Our river cruises in Europe can take you through the Netherlands and allow you to spend a day in Amsterdam itself, giving you the chance to explore this wonderful city and everything it has to offer. You could head out on a bicycle tour of the city, which is a great way to discover its canals and gardens. Image Credit: Moyan_Brenn (