New Australia Tourism Campaign creates a Human Brochure

An Australian tourism body has just set aside AUS$1million for a new marketing campaign that will promote the region in a unique way. Rather than producing a TV, radio or printed advert, they’ll take people who are active on social media platforms and give them a free holiday; all they have to do is write about it on their usual platforms. Each of the five hundred people selected to head out on the holiday can choose a package from family fun, soft adventure, foodies, and arts and culture. The different packages will consist of, respectively, visits to local family attractions, a hot air balloon ride followed by mountain biking, visits to vineyards and a long lunch, and trips to galleries and museums. The trips should generate plenty of buzz online, as each of the five hundred people will be writing about the trip itself and their thoughts on it when they get back. If you want to experience some of these amazing activities and much, much more yourself, our Australia tours give you the opportunity to do just that, all whilst staying in top luxury conditions. Image Credit: operativegabriellogan (