New Facebook app for Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia launched a new Facebook app this week that will allow users to share ideas and inspiration to help friends plan a fantastic holiday in the country. On the Facebook page of Tourism Australia, users can utilise the planning tool ‘Discover Australia Through Your Friends’ app to check out photos, check ins and comments made by friends about their travels. These are integrated with Google Map technology to provide a fantastic representation of the holiday experiences of Facebook friends. Andrew McEvoy, managing director of Tourism Australia, says that social media networks are the place that people now turn to for holiday inspiration, thanks to easy access to the opinions of trusted friends and information on their holiday experience. Planning a holiday becomes easier with all this information, and using this new app really is a great way to get the best out of a holiday to Australia. If you want to see Australia yourself and share with the world what a great time you had, our Australia tours take visitors to the best parts of the country for a holiday you will definitely want to write home about. Image credit: kriis__xx (