New Zealand Debates Disaster Tourism

With recent events in New Zealand, including the earthquake in Christchurch and the Mount Tongariro explosion, drawing in tourists, the country is wondering how to capitalise on them. Tourists are already interested and have been visiting both areas, but the tourism authorities are now considering what the best way to promote them is. Christchurch still has plenty to offer holidaymakers outside of the earthquake damage, with loads of businesses and attractions still operating, but emphasising this means less people may head there for disaster tourism. Talking too much about the earthquake, however, can have the opposite effect. The issue is the same with the volcano, as the perceived danger that attracts some tourists puts others off. It’s a difficult balancing act that the tourism agencies will have to be careful about. If you’d like to see everything New Zealand has to offer, from stunning volcanic mountains to beautiful lakes and gorgeous beaches, our New Zealand tours offer just that, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Image Credit: Neville10 (