New Zealand expects Tourism Growth from Conference

Hundreds of representatives from all over the world attended TRENZ 2012, and it’s expected to result in an additional NZD$149million being brought into the country at least. The event is a great chance for tourism operators abroad to see the country they’re offering people a trip to up close, enabling them to talk with that much more authority and conviction about it. This year’s event took place in Queenstown, and attendees rated the area very well as a holiday destination, which should come as no surprise given the resort’s year-round popularity. This is only the second time this conference has been held, but it seems to be doing a great job at promoting New Zealand as the great destination it is. If you’re interested in visiting Queenstown yourself, you can do so as part of one of our New Zealand tours. Not only will you visit the resort, but you also get to see plenty more of this wonderful country during your trip with us. Image Credit: Donaldytong (