New Zealand sees growth in arrival numbers

Despite the financial troubles of the last few years, with tourism in particular taking a hit, New Zealand is proving that it is a country that can still draw in the masses as growth in international arrival numbers has been maintained. Annual figures for the year ending July 2012 have documented an increase of 5.6% in international visitor arrival numbers, with 2.63 million arrivals in the 12 month period. The number of visitor stay days has also increased, with 50.6 million stay days leading to a 1.2% increase against the previous year. In these tough economic times these figures demonstrate that New Zealand is still an incredibly attractive destination choice, thanks to its stunning scenery of mountains, beaches, forests and lakes, intriguing wildlife, historic Maori culture and vibrant urban centres. With New Zealand still retaining great tourist interest, now is the time to take a look into escorted New Zealand tours and discover what exciting places can be discovered on a visit to the country. Image credit: Pam (