New Zealand to create ‘New Zealand Story’

New Zealand will soon be getting another recognisable campaign promoting the country, running alongside its 100% Pure New Zealand brand. The new message will aim to create a ‘New Zealand story’, encouraging people to become invested in the background behind any objects from or holidays in New Zealand, learning about the country as they do. This is seen as a great way to promote New Zealand abroad and will come into effect as the Hobbit movies are being released, providing people with an easy and visible way to start thinking about visiting. Of course, the campaign will also continue well past then and hopes to keep on drawing in new visitors. If you’re already convinced that New Zealand is somewhere you want to visit, take a look at our luxury New Zealand tours. With a brilliant range of destinations and activities for you to enjoy, we’re sure it will be the tour of a lifetime. Image Credit: tony_the_bald_eagle (